A biography of flavius valerius constantinus a roman emperor

Valerius severus (latin: flavius valerius severus augustus died september 307), also severus ii, was a western roman emperor from 306 to 307 after failing to besiege rome, he fled to ravenna it is thought that he was killed there or executed near rome. Gaius flavius valerius aurelius constantinus[1] (february 27, 272 ce - may 22, 337 ce) commonly known as constantine i, constantine the great, or (among eastern orthodox and eastern catholic[2] christians) saint constantine, was a roman emperor, proclaimed augustus by his troops. Roman politics after the emperor diocletian abdicated in ad 305 was confusingly complicated as emperors and deputy emperors of the west and of the east contended for power among them was flavius valerius constantinus, known to history as constantine the great. Flavius valerius constantinus, the future emperor constantine, was born at naissus in the province of moesia superior, the modern nish in serbia, on 27 february of 271, 272, or 273 [[1]] his father was a military officer named constantius (later constantius chlorus or constantius i), his mother a woman. Constantine (constantinus, flavius valerius aurelius) (c280-337 ad) roman emperor (306-337 ad) constantine the great was a very strange figure of roman history he spent much of his younger days fighting to win the sole imperial crown of rome, which he finally obtained by 324, when he.

Printed from oxford dictionary of national biography under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a pdf of a single article in oxford dictionary of national biography for personal use (for details see privacy policy. • flavius valerius constantinus (noun) the noun flavius valerius constantinus has 1 sense: 1 emperor of rome who stopped the persecution of christians and in 324 made christianity the official religion of the empire in 330 he moved his capital from rome to byzantium. Constantine became the first christian roman emperor and his founding of the city of constantinople brought about the beginning of the east roman empire which today we call byzantium while serving in the imperial guard of emperor numerian, diocletian rose to the rank of commander. Gaius flavius valerius constantinus (latin: imp caesar flavivs constantinvs pivs felix invictvs avgvstvs ¹) (27 february 272 - 22 may 337), commonly known as constantine i or constantine the great.

Constantine the great, also known as constantine i, was a roman emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 ad born on the territory now known as niš (serbian cyrillic: ниш, located in serbia), he was the son of flavius valerius constantius, a roman army officer of illyrian origins. We need not take the further step of suggessting that his successes in war demonstrated divine favour for his undertakings, but it is no suprise that roman authors, not least christian roman authors, saw the imperial theology of victory in action. Flavius valerius constantinus was born in naissus, in the province of moesia superior, present-day serbia constantine's mother, helena, was a barmaid his father would rise to become the emperor constantius i and constantine's mother would be canonized as st helena, who was thought to have.

Flavius valerius aurelius constantinus, commonly known as constantine i, constantine the great (among western christians), or saint constantine best known for being the first christian roman emperor, constantine reversed the persecutions of his predecessor, diocletian, and issued flavius. The roman emperor, flavius valerius aurelius constantinus, or constantine i, was born at naissus, in upper moesia he was the eldest son of you will find an excellent biography of constantine at the catholic encyclopedia a lengthy selection from eusebius' life of the blessed emperor constantine. Alternative titles: constantine the great, flavius valerius constantinus constantine was also responsible for a series of important secular reforms that ranged from reorganizing the roman empire's currency system to restructuring rome's armed forces.

Emperor constantine the great is famous for his contribution to christianity constantine i, who came to be known as constantine the great, was a roman emperor at the beginning of the 4th constantine i was born flavius valerius constantinus around 280 ad in the city of naissus in the. Constantine the great was born flavius valerius constantinus at nis, in what is now serbia, son of the commander constantius chlorus (later this god was thought to be the companion of the roman emperor constantine's adherence to this faith is evident from his claim of having had a vision of the. Constantine is born flavius valerius constantinus in the city of naissus around february 27, 272 his father, flavius constantius, is a skilled politician, soldier, and bodyguard to emperor aurelian his mother, helena, is of low social rank. His coins give his name as m, or more frequently as c, flavius valerius constantinus he was born at naissus, now nisch in servia nis, serbia --ed, the son of a roman officer, constantius, who later became roman emperor, and st helena, a woman of humble extraction but remarkable character. Constantine the great was a roman emperor of illyrian ancestry who ruled from 306 to 337 ad this biography of constantine the great provides detailed also known as: constantine i of the roman empire, constantine i, saint constantine, flavius valerius aurelius constantinus augustus.

A biography of flavius valerius constantinus a roman emperor

Constantius chlorus (marcus flavius valerius constantius herculius augustus) born in northern dardania or southern moesia superior on march 31 he was captured by maxentius and executed or forced to commit suicide in 307 ad constantine i (flavius valerius aurelius constantinus augustus. Flavius valerius aurelius constantinus augustus, popularly known as constantine the great, ruled the roman empire from 306 ce to 337 ce he was the son of a roman army officer, constantius and a lady called helena later on, both constantine and his mother were listed as saints by the byzantine. List of roman emperors (4) 1 april 286: imperator caesar gaius aurelius valerius diocletianus augustus iovius germanicus maximus (285), sarmaticus maximus (285), gothicus maximus (293), persicus maximus (295), britannicus maximus (296), carpicus maximus (297), armenicus maximus.

  • Born flavius valerius constantinus at naissus (in modern yugoslavia), constantine was the son of constantius chlorus and his concubine helena in 293 his father became the son-in-law and caesar (successor-designate) of emperor maximian, who was coruler of the roman empire with emperor.
  • Constantine the great kŏn´stəntēn, -tīn [key], 288-337, roman emperor, b naissus (present-day niš, serbia) he was the son of constantius i and helena and was named in full flavius valerius constantinus sections in this article.

4: flavius valerius constantinus (272 - 337 ad) also known as saint constantine or constantine the great, this future roman emperor was born 27 february 272 ad in the dardania province his father constantinus chlorus was an officer in the roman army, and his mother helena was a. Constantine the great ( latin : flavius valerius aurelius constantinus augustus greek he was the son of flavius valerius constantius , a roman army officer, and his consort helena reference links for this biography all information for constantine the great's wiki comes from the below links. Emperors age at accession roman emperors names and dates from diocletian to ad 476 constantine, named flavius valerius constantinus, was born in the moesian military city of naissus (niš bio at wikipedia his full name is flavius valerius constantius, called constantius chlorus.

a biography of flavius valerius constantinus a roman emperor Flavius valerius constantinus, who would become roman emperor constantine i, was born on february 27, circa 280 (sources range from 272 to his father, flavius valerius constantius, was an officer in the roman army constantine's mother, helena, was from humble beginnings it is unknown.
A biography of flavius valerius constantinus a roman emperor
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